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The Top Seven Shelves Spices of 2022

We feel that 2022 is going to be a spicetacular year!  Spices are truly the lifeblood of any dish. We consider spices to be the paints that add color, flavor, and intrigue to whatever canvas they are painted on. Without spices, this world and your dinner plate would be a very boring place.  Spices have the ability to transport your taste buds to completely different places around the world. So let’s take your tastebuds on a journey with some of the trendiest spices to come this year.

Cardamom is part of the ginger family and it comes in two varieties, green and black.  Green cardamom has a very bright bold flavor profile that resembles a mixture of citrus, mint, eucalyptus, and pepper.  The taste of black cardamom is best described as a combination between bergamot, lemon, and camphor with an earthy smokiness.  Cardamom has lovely sweet and spicy aromatic qualities which lend themselves perfectly to many interesting dishes. When the cardamom seeds aren’t completely ground up in certain recipes like Swedish sweet buns, they offer a satisfying crunch and emit a pleasant warmth that is sure to please any palate. Indian cuisine does an exquisite job of incorporating cardamom into a plethora of dishes. Since cardamom pairs so well with other spices like cinnamon and coriander it makes the perfect addition to the spice squad that is garam masala.  Chicken tikka masala is an amazingly fragrant dish where ground cardamom combines with all of the other garam masala spices to form an incredibly seductive sauce that enrobes the chicken and rice with powerful flavor. With each bite of this dish, you’ll be able to taste the remarkable depth of flavor while it simultaneously perfumes the air with its intoxicating scent.

Seven Shelves - Holyflavours Organic Cardamom in peelSeven Shelves - Holyflavours Organic Cardamom seeds

This sharp crushed chili will add significant spice to your favorite recipes. It’s the best way to make your ideal dish a bit bolder.  Chili flakes are the perfect pairing for pizza and pasta. When you’re looking for that extra kick without altering the actual flavor of the dish, chili flakes are the way to go. They offer that oh-so-satisfying slow burn that hits you just right and leaves you wanting more. An uncomplicated yet satisfying classic dish using chili flakes is spaghetti Aglio e olio. With only a few simple ingredients there’s no question that the chili flakes shine through. The combination of the toasted garlic, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, unctuous olive oil, bright parsley, and perfectly al dente pasta are only completed with the sultry heat of the chili flakes. Now that’s a dish to get all hot and bothered over!

Seven Shelves - Holyflavours Crushed Chili 3000 SCUSeven Shelves - Holyflavours Crushed Chili 25.000 SCUSeven Shelves - Holyflavours Crushed Chili 120.000 SCU

Cinnamon is one of those spices that just gives you a warm cozy feeling simply from smelling its distinct aroma.  It takes us directly to a chillier time of year where friends and family gather around pies, cookies, and Christmas morning french toast. While sweets may be the first thing you think of when it comes to seasoning with cinnamon, this spice is just as nice when used in many savory dishes as well!  Cinnamon lends its spicy warmth nicely to a big bowl of Cincinnati chili. Yes, chili! It adds a depth of flavor to this dish that simply can’t be replicated with any other spice.  Cinnamon can also transport your taste buds to the Middle East with an irresistible chicken shawarma or even to Morocco with a lovely lamb tagine.  There are several varieties of cinnamon that exist in the culinary world today. The most commonly known are Ceylon and cassia cinnamon. The organic compound that gives this inner tree bark its bite is known as cinnamaldehyde.  Cassia cinnamon contains higher levels of cinnamaldehyde than Ceylon and therefore has a stronger bittersweet spicy flavor while Ceylon remains milder and more delicate.  Cinnamon is not only a powerful spice for cooking, but it also has numerous other benefits. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It’s also anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants.

Seven Shelves - Holyflavours Ceylon OrganicSeven Shelves - Holyflavours Cassia Organic

Matcha comes from a green tea leaf variety that is deprived of sunlight during its last few weeks of growth to increase the concentration of its chlorophyll and theanine. This growth method ensures that matcha gets its signature green color and it helps to give the tea a smooth and less harsh taste.  This vibrantly green tea originated in China, but eventually took root in Japan where it’s still widely used today for tea ceremonies. In fact, today, if matcha is sold outside of Japan it’s classified in one of two ways, as either ceremonial-grade matcha or culinary-grade matcha. Our Seven Shelves bio matcha originates from the Japanese region of Aishi and is therefore ceremonial-grade and of the highest quality. Bio Matcha has strong aromatic qualities and a rich earthy umami flavor profile. It’s also very high in caffeine which makes it the ideal substitution for your morning coffee. Create a matcha latte, mix it in with smoothies, or even combine it with your favorite fruit juices.  The traditional ritual of matcha preparation is a relaxing process that begins even before the first delightful sip is taken. Following the classic method for making matcha can help to start your day off on a calm and peaceful note. Using customary tools like a tea whisk, bowl, spoon, and sifter ensures the most perfect cup of matcha that you’re sure to crave daily!

Seven Shelves - Matcha Gift Box

Is there actually any dish on the planet that salt is not a part of?  Salt brings to life all flavor possibilities imaginable and maximizes a dish’s true potential. It truly is the unsung hero of the spice cabinet. Always there to elevate every other seasoning and food item it’s paired with. Salt is able to be used in so many different ways to transform food. It could arguably be referred to as the mother of all spices and seasonings. Sea salt can be used to preserve and cure foods such as pork belly to make bacon, salmon for gravlax, or beef brisket to make mouthwatering corned beef. It’s essential for brining meats like a whole turkey or pork loin to help guarantee an unbelievably flavorful, tender, and juicy result. Sea salt can be added to any dish hot or cold, savory or sweet to enliven it and take your culinary masterpiece to the next level. Our Seven Shelves artisanal sea salts are sustainably harvested and unrefined which means they are not subject to any processing, and preserves all their valuable trace minerals

Seven Shelves - Natural SaltsSeven Shelves - Sea Salt


If salt is the peanut butter then pepper is its perfectly paired jelly companion.  Pepper is one of those basic necessity spices that are essential for seasoning many dishes to perfection. Peppercorns come in pink, green, black, and white forms. Each with its own distinct level of heat and flavor. Pink is the mildest followed by green, then black, and finally white having the most intense bite.  One dish where peppercorns are the star of the show is steak au poivre. There’s nothing quite like a steak crusted in coarse ground pungent peppercorns and cooked to perfection. This dish truly highlights the magnificence of the powerful peppercorn as the flavors dance together in perfect harmony on your tongue.

SUMAC- Levantine Cuisine -

Last but not least on our superb spice list is one of the most instantly recognizable spice in the Middle East.

 Sumac can be described by its deep red hue and trademark citrusy tartness. Although, it hasn't yet become a household ingredient in every kitchen, this unique and exotic spice has long been lauded around the world for its bold flavour and health-giving properties. Nowadays, Sumac is used worldwide to enhance and compliment the flavours of everything from hearty grilled meats, to fresh vegetables, to delicate desserts. It is used as a souring agent instead of citrus juice or vinegar. Food from the Levant, broadly encompassing Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, will certainly make your tastebuds swoon. It promises a flavour journey that transports you to the very heart of a bustling medina in the Middle East, which is the home to one of the healthiest, freshest, most delicious and ancient cuisines on the planet

Seven Shelves - Sumac