Top 8 Coffees In Antwerp City (2021)

First of all, Happy 2022 to all coffee lovers out there! May you celebrate each day with a delicious cup of coffee ☕️ Last year, I scoured Antwerp City for the best-served coffees. I figured every project requires research which brought me to visiting coffee shops, tasting their coffee, and asking what beans they use and why. My quest led to some wonderful conversations with several baristas. Some were more informational, while others were asking about my coffee expertise. Here is the thing- I am not a coffee expert. I enjoy drinking it from time to time, and I have acquired a taste for coffee again during my quest. Because the last time I drank coffee excessively was during my days in university. Now that I am working on this coffee project, I had to rediscover coffee in a whole new way because the coffee industry has expanded enormously and specialising in coffee is seriously trending. Now more than ever. There is quite a demand for everyday people to learn about all different aspects of serving a delicious-looking coffee, which we offer in our Key Sixteen Barista Workshops.

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Anyways, I have tallied up the scores based on
  • Customer Service
  • Coffee Taste
  • Latte Art presentation
 And discovered that five out of the eight coffee shops have scored equally well.  Without further-a-do, here are the five shops that have identical scores-


During my visit, I experienced some technical difficulties with the check-out. I could successfully pay for the drink inside the shop but couldn't pay for the coffee-to-go the first time, which resulted in a somewhat less pleasant comment from the ladies behind the counter. So I sat down and drank my coffee quietly while taking some pictures. However, I couldn't shake the feeling of being judged and rushed the coffee, which was, in all honesty, delicious and beautifully presented (Latte Art). This was situational. I am sure that the customer service would be as delightful as the coffee under different circumstances. Conclusion- the coffee was amazingly delicious, but their customer service could be better.

Location   Sint-Katelijnevest 51,  2000 Antwerpen Workshops   Available Website

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I remembered it being a cold morning when I decided to check out Caffenation in a neighborhood I previously resided. I wondered how people would find this place because I needed Google maps to locate them. While arriving at the location, I was in awe of the surroundings. They have transformed former industrial buildings into a trendy spot, called 't groen kwartier. I walked into the coffee shop and directly saw their slogan: "one drug, one nation." I ordered a flat white and sat in the back of the café where I could quietly take some pictures of the place and the coffee, of course. I took a sip of the coffee and immediately compared the taste with the one I had in Cuperus. It was slightly more acidic in the aftertaste, which wasn't a problem, but I was aware of how different it tasted. When it comes to customer service, I had a wonderful time chatting with one of the workers there. She extensively told me about their processes and roastery next to the café. That was awesome. Conclusion- their coffee is delicious, and their hospitality was something I remember well during my visit. A must-visit if you like good coffee and quiet places, just a little outside the city center.

Location  Lamorinierestraat 161,  2018 Antwerpen Workshops   Not Available Website


I remember this day well as it was a cold sunny day at the port of Antwerp, AKA 't eilandje. I ran some errands in preparation for the holidays and made a quick stop at their Coffee shop. I ordered my usual, a flat white, and sat at the big mirror with the books. The interior matched their name: Black and yellow. The coffee was served in a glass rather than a cup, which was different. However, that wasn't the only thing different from the other two coffees I drank previously. The latte art was a heart within a heart, within a heart, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to have a different shape served instead of the usual rosetta. Although I understand that latte art isn't something to be casual about because it takes a lot of practice + I recently tried it myself during a latte art workshop with Sophie Boonen, and I ultimately failed the free-pour. What I am trying to say is that creativity and originality will always score higher in my opinion, which was the case in this situation. The story isn't over yet because, on my way back to the city, I realized I did not pay for my drink. I immediately called the coffee shop and told them that I definitely would come over and pay her another time. She didn't even realize it and said it was ok. For that, I am giving her plus points on customer service. The way she handled that conversation was comforting to me, and because of that, I came back to the shop the next day to pay for my drink and tip her friendliness. Conclusion-  the coffee was delicious; the presentation was a breath of fresh air and top-notch customer service!

Location   Nassaustraat 7,  2000 Antwerp Workshops   Not Available Website


I remembered Normo as it was yesterday. I was in the city one hour before checking into the Key16 office. I had a lot of work to do and decided to create some content for the Key16 coffee page before delving my head into a massive pile of numbers. Little did I know that this relaxing coffee time would lead to an enormous energy booster because, during my work at the Key16 office, my heart was pounding like crazy. I did not experience this much energy ever since I had three espresso shots during my visit at Caffe Mundi. Anyways, back to my visit to their coffee shop. From what I remember, the lady at the counter was friendly; I did not get to chat with her because the place was pretty much packed, and it seemed like she was handling it all by herself, which I don't mind and respect. I sat in the back, took pictures, and drank the coffee. Conclusion- it was a delicious cup of coffee that maxed out my energy levels.

Location   Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerpen Workshops   Not Available Website


My last coffee shop of the year was at the Smiling Barista. I wanted to visit him when he was at Felix Pakhuis, but my schedule did not allow me to visit him at the time. I reached out to him to know about his whereabouts, and he told me he would be serving coffee near Park Spoor Noord. I was pretty excited to taste his coffee because I have checked his Instagram quite a few times, and his stories are always captivating. Mainly because of the passing of his late daughter, Leonie. My deepest condolences. Once I arrived, I saw his velopresso and ordered the usual. However, due to his collaboration with Marmari, I quickly realized he wasn't using his coffee beans but Marmari's, which is logical but not the objective. I did enjoy the coffee because, during my quest, I realized I greatly enjoyed the coffee beans by Andy coffee roasters. Conclusion- lovely company with great coffee and an incentive to revisit him when he uses his usual coffee beans.

Location  Felix Pakhuis [wednesday & saturday]                                  Mechelseplein [thursday] Workshops   Not Available Website

To be continued...