Top 3 Coffees In Antwerp City (2021)

Welcome back, coffee lovers!


I hope you enjoyed my previous blog in which I have revealed the coffee shops that have identical scores. All five of them ended up with a score of 70%, based on:


  • customer service
  • coffee taste
  • latte art presentation



I figured that when you enter a coffee shop, the abovementioned are essential to consider. That is why the following coffee shops have conquered the top three.


Caffe Mundi was one of the coffee places I have already visited but had never tasted their coffee.


Before walking into the store, I noticed a shop that sold all kinds of coffee/tea/cacao-related products: Cross Roast. They are an artisan micro-roastery for specialty coffees in the heart of Antwerp.


After leaving the shop and walking into the coffee shop, I ordered my usual; A flat white presented beautifully. I noticed a blackboard next to me promoting their "coffee of the month: KENYA."


Naturally, I asked the barista if that were the beans I was currently tasting. She explained to me that the coffee of the month wasn't something she would recommend mixing with milk as it has this distinct flavor. It made me quite curious, and I ordered a shot of their coffee of the month.


While she was carefully preparing my order, we started talking about my interest in coffee. I happily told her about my coffee project and that this is part of my research. It was a rather lengthy conversation which I enjoyed.


Upon drinking the shot, I immediately noticed the presence of the apple. It was prominent throughout, giving me such an energy booster afterward.


Conclusion- I truly appreciated the interest in my coffee journey, and their coffee tasted delicious!

Location  Oude Beurs 24, 2000 Antwerpen


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Not surprised that Butchers coffee ranked second in this list because it is one of my favorite spots at the moment. Thank you, research!


This coffee shop has entered my radar because of the references I heard by other people (the lady from caffenation) and the mentions on social media. So I was extra aware when visiting this coffee shop.


Once entered, I noticed they use coffee beans from Andy roasters, which would be my first time trying their beans. I ordered my usual, a flat white. The moment my coffee experience elevated was when I took a sip. I didn't think I would prefer a brand of coffee beans over another, but I am glad I could experience it.


The place was jam-packed, which did not give me much room to talk with one of the workers, but they were helpful and friendly when asking them about the beans.


Conclusion- One of the best coffees I tasted in Antwerp.

Location  Kasteelstraat 57, 2000 Antwerpen


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Last but certainly not least... the coffee shop that scored the highest is Toitoitoi coffee.


Upon researching which coffee shops were relevant to visit, I never thought that this one would stand out the most. I went into the shop without expectations and found myself in a very cozy place. I loved their interior already.


While I ordered my flat white, I noticed that they were using the coffee beans of Caffenation. I sat down and waited for my coffee to arrive.


My eyes turned into heart-shapes when the coffee was served because it was the most beautiful latte art I have seen in real life. I mostly see these unbelievable complex latte art shapes on social media but never in front of me. I was pleased to enjoy such a beautiful cup of coffee, but I was also a little sad because the swan would disappear the more I drank.


That was the happiest coffee moment I had during my research, and it did not end there. Because after my visit, I had to post these on Instagram stories. When I posted the stories, the barista who made the swan shape directly contacted me and asked me about my experience in their store. I had a lovely conversation and reassured him that my visit was worthwhile.


Conclusion- Great coffee served by the best latte artist in Antwerp!

Location   Lange Koepoortstraat 42, 2000 Antwerpen


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