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7 Things you should know before travelling to Montenegro

1 - Food in Montenegro

In Montenegro, food is relatively affordable. For less than 15 Euros, you can enjoy a 3-course meal. Foodies will find their niche here with the array of must-try dishes on offer. For breakfast, try the Kacamak, a simple meal of corn flour, whole wheat or barley. Have the Buzara for lunch, a dish made of shellfish, shrimps and prawns served with a tasty red sauce. You could also dine on Ispod Saca, the Balkan version of a delicious Sunday roast dinner.

2 - The language

The official language of Montenegro is Montenegrin. Quite similar to Serbian language, the Montenegrin dialect is rich and beautiful. Before travelling to Montenegro, be sure to learn some basic words and phrases in Montenegrin that will help you ask for directions or order at a restaurant. Expect a knowing smile or giggle from the Montenegrins as you stumble over your pronunciations. But all in good fun as the locals will love you for making an effort. Staff at restaurants and hotels also speak some basic English, although German is far more common.

3 - The currency

Although Montenegro is not a member of the European Union, the official currency here is the Euro. Because the currency is exclusively Euro, you cannot pay in any other monetary unit such as the dollar. It is, however, possible to exchange currency at the banks or in the numerous exchange offices.

4 - Scenery of Montenegro

Montenegro is a picturesque country with hidden attractions set against a backdrop of spectacular natural beauty. The country boasts captivating outdoors with beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and stunning canyons. The best way to enjoy Montenegro’s scenic beauty is by driving around the countryside. Brace yourself for a breathtaking journey along the winding roads as you peer at the impressive landscapes.

5 - The people

Montenegrins are generally nice and friendly people. Once they get to know you, they become more helpful and involved. Expect to be welcomed to your hostel or guesthouse with a beaming smile, and possibly a shot of grandma’s homemade Rakija brandy. Montenegrins are also some of the world’s tallest people. With an average male height of 6 feet, they rank second to the Dutch but only by a fraction.

6 - The airport

If you’ll be travelling to Montenegro by air, you can land at two international airports. Located in the heart of the country, the airport in Podgorica is a half hours drive to the coast and an hour to the closest mountain resorts. The biggest airport in Montenegro, Podgorica Airport offers direct flight connections to 28 destinations in 16 countries. If you are planning to land directly at the coast, the airport in Tivat near Boka Bay is the more convenient option. Alternatively, you can use the airport in Dubrovnik, Croatia which offers better connectivity to many countries in Europe. This airport is a great choice if you intend to explore the coastlines of both countries.

7 - Fun-facts about Montenegro

- Montenegro translates to “Black Mountain”, in reference to Mount Lovcen which gives the country its name. - The village island of Sveti Stefan is one of the country’s most iconic sites that’s connected to the mainland via a narrow causeway. - Montenegro is home to Tara Canyon, the biggest canyon in Europe. - Biogradska Gora National Park boasts 16 square kilometers of virgin woodland and represents one of the last 3 remaining primeval forests in Europe.