Advanced Barista training: waiting list

Speciaal voor professionals die hun barista skills een upgrade willen geven, of voor degene die zijn of haar SCA-certificaat willen halen om een eigen zaak op te starten of om een vliegende start te hebben bij z’n barista carrière!


Our professional courses are offered by Gabriele, our barista expert who comes over from Italy with his own espresso academy to teach you the tricks of the trade!


If the event cannot take place, the full amount will be refunded or you can choose a voucher.

Voor de Advanced Barista Training met onze Italiaanse barista, Gabriele Cortopassi + SCA certificate is er een wachtlijst. Deze cursus wordt enkel in het najaar van 2022 gegeven en de mensen op de wachtlijst worden op de hoogte gehouden voor de exacte data.


The Advanced barista training is 450 EUR-. To reserve your place, we ask for a 50 EUR deposit. The deposit will then be deducted from the price.

Including A booklet summarising everything you have learned

Time and personal attention from our barista to refine your skills

Enough coffee beans and milk to practice with

Official SCA certificate from the Espresso Academy Italy

Lunch, water and coffee



Day 1: History of coffee


Day one focuses on the history of coffee, botany and coffee beans. We dive into the process of harvesting the coffee beans, and we learn about the effect this has on the flavour. We will also discuss the different coffee blends, and how they require different grinding settings. Then it's time to get more hands-on by smelling and tasting good as well as bad coffees, steaming milk and getting to know the espresso machine. At the end of the day, you will make your very first coffee!


Day 2: Preparing coffee


On day two, we dive into the world of coffee preparation. Besides the classic black coffee, we vary with different blends of mixed coffees. Cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites, you name it and we make it. We practice with the settings, pressing and grinding to perfection. To finish the day, we will froth milk, with an introduction to latte art.


Day 3: Exams & Certification


During the third day, we will first perfect your latte art skills. With the help of our barista Gabriele, you'll be making your own work of art out of milk foam in no time! To complete your barista workshop, you will take a practical exam, followed by a certification ceremony.

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