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Coffee is such an important part of daily life that we sometimes seem to forget that there is a whole process involved in making it. True coffee lovers go beyond their Nespresso, but delve into the origin of the coffee bean, the espresso machines and the frothing of the milk, know what your grinding settings do to the taste, and can turn frothy milk into cute little hearts. From beginner to the more advanced barista who wants to optimize his skills. We offer suitable courses for every level

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our barista heroes

All our coffee workshops are led by expert baristas, who know the ins and outs of making great coffee. We welcome Gabriele from the Espresso Academy in Florence, and Melanie Nunes, female Belgian Barista Champion to our Barista Room in Antwerp.

Barista Dimitrios Kafkas

Belgian Latte Art Champion (OATLY)

Head barista of ToitToiToi Coffee and Latte art champion 2021 (OATLY).


A talented Greek barista with 10 years experience in the coffee business.

Barista Gabriele Cortopassi


Barista Master

Gabriele has worked for a long time as a restaurant manager and consultant in catering and hospitality.

He is also a teacher at the Espresso Academy and a project manager at Chiaroscuro Coffee.


Sophie Boonen


SCA judge

Our passionate barista from the Netherlands. She has been an independent barista for 5 years and also roasts her own coffee beans!


A real expert in coffee, then.

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