For anyone who wants to take his or her coffee skills to the next level, or just wants to be able to do a bit more than just the average Senseo machine. The coffee workshop takes place in Antwerp on various dates throughout the year, in our Key 16 Barista Room. The workshop will provide an introduction to the enchanting world of coffee making. With an experienced professional barista explaining all ins and outs about coffee beans, the espresso machine and various grinding techniques, you will be able to make your own cappuccino in no time. Are you still looking for a fun activity with your team, family or friends? All our workshops can be booked privately as from 5 persons.

Covid-19 update

All our equipment, such as coffee machines and tools, are disinfected before use. Our groups are limited to meet social distancing rules, and trainees are sufficiently spread out between coffee machines. In addition, antibacterial gel is provided and we wear face masks.

Upcoming workshops

Advanced Barista Training With Gabriele + SCA Certificate


For those who want to grow professionally and reach a level of quality and competence comparable to the world of specialty coffee and the SCA Intermediate level.From a solid foundation such as knowledge of green coffee, roasting coffee beans, the principles of espresso extraction, frothing milk, classic cappuccino and machine maintenance, to advanced topics: espresso tasting, setting up the espresso machine and lots of practice, even latte art.The course is internationally recognised by the Italian Barista Method system and is valid for the SCA Barista Skills Intermediate examination.



3 Days



First of all, we briefly discuss how to handle a professional espresso machine optimally. Then we will learn the most important aspect of Latte Art: the correct steaming of the milk. When you have mastered the frothing process, you can try your hand at free pouring.

20 August

9:30- 12:30


3 U



At the slow coffee workshop, you will learn the finest tricks to make your perfect coffee. Ideal for the control freak, you can adjust every factor to your liking: extraction time, water temperature, coffee strength, beans and grind. Sophie will teach you her favourites, and then you can go out and discover your own.



During this cupping session (coffee tasting) you will learn how to taste and analyse coffee like a true coffee sommelier. Perfect for every coffee lover, whether you already have a lot of knowledge or are just starting out, our Sophie will broaden your (coffee) horizons. Besides tasting, you will also learn about the different origins, processes and espresso techniques.

Coffee Workshop Gift Card


Do you know someone who likes coffee and wants to broaden his/her coffee knowledge? Surprise him/her with a Coffee Workshop Gift Voucher for a relaxed coffee moment in our professional Barista Workshop room in Antwerp.

Advanced Barista training: waiting list


There is a waiting list for the Advanced Barista Training with our Italian barista, Gabriele Cortopassi + SCA certificate. This course will only be held in the autumn of 2022 and people on the waiting list will be informed about the exact dates.

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