Online Coffee Roasting Course


Learn all about coffee roasting – from the comfort of your own. Together with the Espresso Academy in Florence, we offer a course that teaches you the solid foundations of coffee roasting and blending skills.

The coffee roasting course follows a step-by-step video program, where we cover both the necessary knowledge on coffee roasting and practical aspects, that you can practice with your own roasting machine at home.

About the course

This course will teach you all about how coffee roasting interacts with the flavour of coffee: how to enhance the body, aroma and taste and how to build that perfect blend for our daily cuppa. A large section of the course is devoted to cupping and tasting techniques since tasting is the real bookmark of our experience!

During the course, we begin with the evaluation of green coffee and how to choose the roasting machine for different uses. Then we examine the various stages and profiles of the roasting process and how they affect the characteristics of the roasted coffee.


This course will cover

  • Main concepts on chemistry in the roasting process
  • Roasting colour measurement and analysis
  • How moisture and density of coffee influence the roasting process
  • Physical elements on roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, the roasting curves and profiles, methods of heat transfer, First Crack & Second Crack.
  • Cooling down and coffee degassing
  • The use of software to follow and record the roasting process
  • The concept of roasting profile and roasting curve
  • The most classic mistakes in coffee roasting
  • How to cup your coffee
  • Blending: create our own blend starting from our taste or the taste of our clients.
  • Which is the best roasting machine for my business?

Requirements of the course

  • You should like to drink coffee
  • You should have an interest in coffee and wish to learn more
  • No special knowledge is required before starting the course
  • If you wish to try some of the roasting techniques you may require extra equipment
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