Online Coffee Brewing Course

If you found your way to this page, chances are high that you like coffee just as much as we do. But if you’re still making your daily cuppa on your Nespresso – it’s time to level up! We teamed up with the experts of the prestigious Espresso Academy in Florence, to create an online course about coffee brewing techniques.
The different ways of brewing coffee have such a strong impact on its flavour, and the best thing is that a lot of these brewing techniques don’t require high-tech equipment. This means you can enrol in this course from wherever you are, and follow our online video lessons on your phone, tablet or computer.
During the course, we teach you a solid foundation for your brewing and filtering methods, where we start with examining the different techniques available and progress into trying a few ourselves.

For the practical part, we use the help of a refractometer and dive into the main concepts for the ideal cup, such as grinding, temperature or metal filters. Some of the techniques we’ll be doing together are V60, Aeropress, Chemex and the French press.
All the online video lessons are recorded with beginners in mind and show you the clear steps to follow. You can go at your own pace and rewatch (or pause) as often as you want.
This online brewing course allows you to access the SCA brewing Foundation exam, directly from home!

This course will cover

  • Introduction to brewing and its main concepts
    • Brew ratio
    • Pouring technique
    • Turbulence
  • The concept of TDS, extraction and strength
  • The use of the refractometer: how the extraction changes at different temperatures, different particle sizes, different filters.
  • Particles sieving
  • The various tools: Aeropress, V60, French press, Chemex.
  • The Syphon
  • Infusions: Turkish coffee, the Arab Dallah, Italian Moka and cuccuma
  • The world of cold brew

Requirements of the course

  • You should like to drink coffee
  • You should have an interest in coffee and wish to learn more
  • No special knowledge is required before starting the course
  • If you wish to try the Syphon, Aeropress, Chemex and V60 methods of brewing you may require extra equipment
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