Who doesn’t love coffee? From your necessary caffeine dose in the early morning to a delightful cuppa shared with friends, coffee plays an important role in our lives. And if you’re into coffee (let’s be honest, who isn’t) you have probably figured out that your Senseo or your skimmed-latte carefully prepared by your favourite barista, do taste very different.

There is so much to know about coffee, ranging from different bean types to the different ways of preparing the black gold. And for most of it, you don’t even need a fancy espresso machine at home. We created this online barista course, which will teach you the basics of good coffee – and will get you ready to enjoy this coffee at home.

Our barista Gabriele teaches us all about the different coffee types, their biggest differences in preparation and the different taste you can expect. He walks you through our online barista course through short and insightful coffee lessons, and you can even take our quizzes after completing.

If you’re more a face-to-face type of learning, and you happen to pass our beautiful barista academy in Antwerp, make sure to check out our barista courses!


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